Do You Want a Male or Female Miniature Husky Puppy?

You wouldn’t believe how many times we get asked, “Which is better, a boy or girl miniature husky puppy?” I don’t think a day goes by without us getting this question. It boggles our minds. Why would a male or female puppy be better than the other sex? The truth of the answer is that it just doesn’t matter. Both sexes make equally good pets.

The biggest thing you want to think about when choosing the sex of your dog is whether or not you already own a dog that might prefer to be around the opposite sex. There are some dog breeds that are same sex aggressive and that will vie for a position of dominance with any dog that enters the household that isn’t the opposite sex. If you have a situation like that, then the sex of your puppy matters. If you don’t have that situation, then it really doesn’t matter.

Are there differences in male and female miniature huskies? Goodness, yes. Females can be moodier than unneutered male dogs. Unneutered male dogs like to hike their legs and pee everywhere. Unaltered females have heat cycles and bleeding that must be attended to. But the great news is that all of these issues can be mitigated by spaying and neutering. So, again, it really doesn’t matter.

Male and female mini huskies can make great additions to your family. Remember, the more flexible you are about sex, coat color, and eye color, the quicker you will move up the wait list.


  1. We are interested in a female mini. We would like a red and white with blue eyes. Great bone structure would be nice. Let us know who’s available. Thanks, Suzanne and Tony

  2. Aniyah

    I want one because we had a Alaskan malamute but he ran away and we would love to see the ones in the photography.

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