Eye Colors of the Miniature Siberian Husky

As with their coats, miniature Siberian huskies may also possess a variety of eye colors. Like their standard sized counterparts, all eye colors and combinations are acceptable.  There is no preference to a particular color. Have a look at the eye colors miniature Siberian huskies possess.

Blue Eyed Miniature Huskies

This is the most requested eye color with miniature Siberian husky puppies. Blue is truly a beautiful color, but there are all sorts of pleasing variations when it comes to miniature husky eye colors.

Brown Eyed Miniature Huskies

Brown eyes are probably the most common eye color in huskies, despite blue being the most popular. These dogs have the advantage of having lower incidents of cataracts than all other eye colors.

Green Eyed Miniature Huskies

Green eyes are not as common in huskies, but it happens.

Bi-Eyed Miniature Huskies

Aside from brown eyes, this is another common phenomenon in mini sibes. Both eyes are different colors.

Parti-Colored Eyes in Miniature Huskies

A single eye can contain multiple eye colors with Miniature Huskies. This is an amazingly beautiful trait.

Amber Eyed Miniature Huskies

Amber eyes look golden or yellow. This is also a rare occurrence.

With mini sibes having such varied colors, it is virtually impossible to predict the color of eyes a puppy will have. Most mini sibes are born with blue eyes, with the eyes morphing into another color or staying the same after the age of 4 weeks. Even after this, eye color can change over time. Because of this eye color can never be guaranteed.

Here at MiniHuskies, we do not breed for eye color. Blue eyed parents can have brown eyed pups and vice versa.