Pads, Crate, and Other Potty Training Strategies for Miniature Siberian Husky Pups

There are a variety of methods when it comes to potty training your miniature Siberian husky pup, and there is no one right answer when it comes to which strategy to use. Crate training is an effective and easy means to start the potty training process, but some pups don’t take to it. Pads are also a popular alternative but may not always be the best solution, especially if you have frequent houseguests. (No one wants to leave out a potty pad while company is over….ew) Some people bring the outside indoors for their pups, and this works for many households. The important thing to remember when choosing a puppy training strategy is to choose the solution that works best for you and your mini husky puppy.

PAW Puppy Potty Trainer Indoor Restroom for Pets

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Essentially, this is a little box of fake turf that can be kept inside your home or on a patio. It’s 16×20 and is made to be odor resistant and can be sprayed off with water for cleaning. We’ve never used it, but the customer reviews on Amazon have been mostly positive. One user suggested using a piddle pad under the grass mat for ease of cleanup. I think this would be a great option for small puppies who have not finished their vaccinations and require limited exposure to other dogs.

Crate Training Your Miniature Husky Pup

If you’ve picked your pup up at the airport, he or she will already be in a crate that can help you with potty training. Most dogs and puppies don’t want to pee or poo in their crates, so the crate confines your dog when it’s nap time, so he or she cannot escape and leave poo lying around indiscriminately. When your puppy gets larger, you may want to purchase another crate. I prefer the wire ones vs. the plastic ones at this point, since most fold up and can be stored when not in use. You can purchase a medium sized wire dog crate for under $50 through Amazon. (If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can get free two day shipping, which is a plus because you can find all sorts of deals on dog products you’d pay an arm and a leg for at traditional pet stores. Knock off shipping charges and you’ll get a steal.)

Using Piddle Pads for Your Mini Husky Puppy

So, um, yeah, pads aren’t at all glamorous, and if you have small children you might run the risk of your toddler zipping by and grabbing a handful of dog nuggets, but there’s a reason we use piddle pads, and that is….because they work. The biggest thing to remember is those $7 packages of pads that you pick up at the Dollar Store or Dollar General might do for a pinch, but they really won’t work when your puppy has been gulping down gallons of liquids as he or she grows. Yeah, the pee will run right off those pads and puddle on your nice carpet, or hopefully linoleum. So please skip these types of pads and look for a pad that is absorbent and has a scent attractant on it that functions like a sign to your dog saying, “DO YOUR BUSINESS HERE, FIDO”. Nature’s Miracle Quick Results training pads are a good option for your puppy.

On a side note, there are lots of pads that charge more because they offer odor control and scents that are released on contact with puppy poo or pee. If you want that it’s fine, but hopefully, you’ll be changing those pads as soon as the pads are soiled. If you’ve got scented garbage bags, you’re just double-dipping on scent control. You’d do better investing those extra funds on incense or scented candles, instead of worrying over flower scented puppy pads. Trust me, the flower scent rarely holds up when you’re puppy lets loose a load.

In any case, like I said, there are no right answers when it comes to potty training your miniature husky, except for whichever option your pup responds best to. Your household needs are going to be different from other folks and your preferences are your own, so try out your options and go with what works. 🙂


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