We’ve Just Posted Two Available Puppies on the Available Pups Page!

We’ll be sending out a mass email and notifying users on Facebook about the posting. If you’re interested in getting a pup by the 21st, and you’re on the list, please don’t hesitate. Pups go fast. Oldest reservation takes precedent. Please visit the available pups page that can only be seen by members of the wait list and contact me at minihuskies@gmail.com if you’re interested.


  1. Michael Johnson

    I put in deposit in August, can you tell me where I stand on list? I see it says 2 puppies available on email sent to me.

  2. Jeffrey Rogers

    We have been looking for mini Husky to all our baby can you please let us know own what you have avail. And what the cost are, please add us to your waiting list if you have one.

    Sincerely, Jeffrey Rogers
    209 480 2378

  3. Danielle Brandt

    Hello, I am extremely interested in a minihusky, i have had two siberian huskies previously and love them!!

  4. Cathleen Compoli

    We are looking for a mini Siberian husky to join our family! We have 4 children between the ages of 13-17 and would love to surprise them with a puppy. Please let me know if you have any puppies available or how I can join your waiting list.


  5. Michelle Birmingham

    Interested in adding a min. Husky to our family, please send me availability information or let me know if I need to be wait listed.


  6. Tamarack

    Looking for a female puppy. Are these Pomsky puppies?
    I have messaged you on Facebook, we are located in Alaska and are very interested. You can call me if you like at (907)388-0488

  7. Stacy Cameron

    I am very interested in looking at your puppies. I don’t feel comfortable leaving the deposit until I see the dog. Could you please get back to me and explain what I would have to do.

  8. Sheila kizzia

    I am looking for a miniature huskie to replace our sweet Clooney, who we lost two months ago! I am a widow 30 year veteran of teaching and desperately miss my companion!!

  9. Nicole pryce

    I am interested in miniature husky pups, have been looking into klee kai’s, with no luck finding any avaliable. Please let me kow if any become available.

    Thank you, Nicole

  10. Jonathan Krenicki

    is the only way to get to the members page is to pay $150. Im at the beginning stages and would love to care for a mini husky and bring into our family of 6. I would love to know a starting point if you could help me that would be great. Thank you

  11. Mary B. McGIllycuddy

    I have been on the list for two years and I check your site here and there, but I never get an email about the new puppies. ??

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