What to Do When Your Miniature Siberian Husky Puppy Has a Boo Boo

Miniature Siberian Husky puppies, like all babies love to explore their world. But sometimes this curiosity can get them into trouble. If you’re like most puppy owners, even a small boo boo can be concerning. But it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few extremely helpful medications that can make treating your puppy’s cuts, scrapes, or irritations easier.

Antimicrobial Silver Gel

This is a must have for your medicine cabinet because it works extremely well for humans too. We use this ointment to treat cuts, scrapes, and burns. It’s also really fast working too. Within a couple of hours of application, boo boos usually look so much better and your puppy should feel better too.

Cortizone .10

If your puppy has a skin irritation that has some swelling, like a bee sting or or eczema, this stuff works wonders to reduce inflammation. Our vet recommended this cream to us and it has certainly made life much easier when it comes to treating skin irritations.

Nutri Vet Aspirin for Small Dogs

Yes, puppies can take aspirin for pain relief. The general dosage is 5-10mg for each pound of body weight. Of course, it’s good to consult your vet before giving aspirin to your puppy since dogs with liver conditions, vitamin k deficiencies, and other ailments may mean aspirin is not an option for your dog. Please note, anything over 30mg is considered toxic. (I have on occasion used 81mg children’s chewable tablets broken in 1/4 for puppies on the advice of my vet, in a pinch.)

Nutrical for Puppies

Sometimes, when a miniature husky puppy gets a boo boo or is feeling bad, they don’t want to eat when they should. This can lead to low blood sugar which may be life-threatening for very small puppies. Nutrical can be given to the puppy as a high calorie pick me up for when puppies need to get nutrition quickly. It’s one of those things every puppy owner should have on hand for an emergency.

Obviously, we’re not licensed veterinarians and none of the preceding is intending to be medical advice. We thought we’d just share things we’ve used (on advice from our vet.) for our puppies. Always defer to your puppy’s veterinarian when in comes to treating your puppy for serious injuries or illnesses.