What’s Your Favorite Miniature Husky Color

We’d love to learn more about you! Please let us know your absolute favorite miniature husky colors! You don’t have to choose just one color!

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  1. Roy O Mendez Jr

    I would like a black & white female with blue eyes and black markings running down her nose

  2. Diane Mayers

    We love any color. Is there a way to find out how long our wait is? I do love the puppies that you post every now and then. It just makes me want a puppy.

  3. Betty ketchum

    My husband and I do not appreciate you lieing to us that the dog you sold us was just a Siberian. We also do not appreciate you lieing to the consumer fraud division we complained to that we never contacted you about our dog being mixed breeds. We know you saw our DNA report. It was sent to you. We do not appreciate you charging us a $150 deposit, $600 pick of the litter and $1450 for the dog and another $450 for travel. All that and the lies which is becoming most important is he is not just Siberian. We told you we repeatedly we did not want any other dogs mixed in because if we wanted that we would have gotten a AKC dog that is available. You stated he was not AKC because he was too small for the standard of the only breed he was, a Siberian. We want our money back. You big time misrepresented this dog. With all the small mixes in him he barks way too much for the condo we live in and the apartment we have. We told you our living conditions and you knew we could not have a barking dog. You have put tremendous pressure on us at our condo and if we have to sell because of it you truly will hear from us again. Your lies are having the possibility of costing us dearly financially. Security has called us on his barking.
    Betty Ketchum

  4. Jo Drummond

    I have a red and white miniature husky and she has beautiful light brown eyes. At first I really wanted the black and white husky with blue eyes but now my favorite is the red and white with brown eyes. She is beautiful and we love her with all her beautiful markings.

    • Debbie Schmidt

      I just lost my 15 year old husky mix who was black and white with one blue eye. To me, she was beautiful. Would love to be able to have another black and white.

  5. Todd Baryl

    Interested in a silver/white mini husky. please email us available puppies with current pictures and DOB.

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