When Should You Introduce Your Miniature Husky to the Great Outdoors?

When you first get your miniature husky puppy, you’re going to be excited about introducing your pup to all your favorite areas. It’s natural to want to show your pup off. However, you may want to hold off on these plans. Here’s why:

Your Puppy’s Immune System is Immature

An 8 week old puppy is still very young. Your puppy’s immune system may not be able to fight off all the germs he or she comes in contact with, even in your own backyard. Your pup will not have immunity to diseases like distemper and parvo until he or she finishes the puppy shot series. If your puppy has only had one shot, then full immunity is not conferred.

You’re Puppy Could Easily Become Overwhelmed

There’s a lot going on in public and outside. It can be a lot for your puppy to handle, especially after just transitioning into a new environment. Your puppy needs to take time to get used to your routines and your family. Having to deal with all hustle and bustle of life outside your home is something your puppy may not be prepared to deal with.

Your Puppy Could be Harmed or Injured

Recently, the Rock’s French bulldog puppy passed away after eating a poisonous mushroom. This happened after the pup nearly drowned in a pool not long before. Puppies get into stuff. It’s a fact of life. If you plan on taking your puppy outside, you are exposing your pup to a whole host of things that can be harmful.

We advise our buyers to wait until their pup is 16 weeks old and finished with the puppy shot series before taking their miniature husky pup outside. The pup is older and is able to better handle some of the environmental stressors that he or she may encounter outside or during trips to the pet store or hiking.

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  1. Joseph Johnson

    Hi….after reading this…how are you supposed to start house tranning.. it’s not ok to walk your puppy for potty time?

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