2 Must Have Products for Your Miniature Husky Puppy

So many new miniature husky owners ask me about products I would recommend having when their new puppy comes home. In addition to the necessities like:

Blue Buffalo Puppy Food

Puppy Piddle Pads

You might want to be on the lookout for these convenient products that will make life with your new puppy one hundred times easier.

Collapsible Indoor Puppy Playpen

We’re actually getting several of these to use for our puppies. The pen is collapsible for easy storage and super easy to clean. It will make keeping track of your new puppy so much simpler.

Puppy Wipes

It takes puppies awhile to get the hang of eating without making a mess, and it can be inconvenient and bad for your puppies coat to attempt bathing him or her every time puppy gets a little dirty. I swear by these wipes, and they’re fairly cheap. Very convenient on car rides home, or when you pick puppy up from the airport.

The biggest thing to remember is you don’t have to go out and buy an armload of new puppy items. Your puppy will be healthy and happy with just a few basic items that make life easier for you and your miniature Siberian husky puppy.








  1. Angela Young

    We are wanting a mini huskie and have a mini schnauzer now. We love animals and have what it needs to take care of these babies. I grew up on a farm and know what it take to raise an dog or animal of most kind. We have a loving family that would give any animal a loving home

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