Should You Feed Your Miniature Siberian Husky Homemade, Raw, or Commercial Food?

Despite what the dog magazines say, there really is no perfect food. These dog magazines often report conflicting information over the years. In 2014, homemade dog food recipes are the best for your pup, while commercial foods or raw recipes were at the top of the list for the previous year. So it’s understandable that it can be very confusing to determine what type of dog food to feed your Miniature Siberian Husky. Let’s shed a little light on the subject:

What Do You Feed Your Miniature Siberian Huskies?

Over the years we’ve discovered that to get the best nutritional results, we’ve had to develop our own option when it comes to chow time. We’ve discovered that while there are lots of good brands of foods out there, none fully addressed the nutritional requirements of our dogs at every stage and every age. We experimented for a while and we’ve actually got our own brand of dog food. It was the only way we could achieve the levels of nutrition that our dogs required without compromising. We do make this food available to current and new owners of our dogs.

Do You Feed Your Miniature Siberian Huskies Raw Food?

We do include raw foods. However, we don’t solely rely on raw foods. We appreciate the theory behind raw foods. In theory, this approach is grand. However, you have to research your dog’s dietary needs and know that the food you’re feeding your dog is meeting those needs. We’ve had a few new puppy owners choose to feed raw food in the past, and we’ve supported this decision. However, you need to know that it takes more energy to digest raw food. This means you will be feeding your dog more food to achieve optimum nutrition levels. Novice raw food fans have accidentally killed their dogs by feeding raw foods carelessly. We now only support raw feeding if your vet is on board with this plan and is regularly monitoring your dog’s health.

Do You Feed Your Miniature Siberian Huskies Commercial Dog Food?

We have used commercial dog foods. There are some very good commercial options out there. We currently recommend:

Addiction Dog Food (Dry & Canned)

We love this option because it’s grain free and rated highly on the site Dog Food Advisor. There are a variety of options for dogs in every stage of life. I particularly love the Addiction Grain Free Salmon Bleu Puppy Formula Dry Dog Food 20lb and have recommended this option to many of our buyers. The name is kind of funny but it’s high quality food.


This is another wonderful food that we have used with our dogs in the past. We especially like Avoderm Natural Puppy Food and have recommended this brand to puppy buyers.

We’ve been asked about Science Diet and other vet recommended products. None of our dogs has ever liked this brand of food, so we’ve chalked that up to the taste factor. We certainly wouldn’t eat Science Diet, so we wouldn’t feed this brand to our dogs.

Making Your Own Dog Food for Your Miniature Siberian Husky

If you’re feeling handy in the kitchen, you might want to make your dog food. There’s a good article on making your own dog food on WebMD. Again, you’ll need to make sure that you’re providing food with the best ingredients possible. Also, if you’re not feeling quite up to the task, you can always visit Etsy and purchase homemade dog food from one of those vendors.

There are a lot of options, but it doesn’t have to lead to a confusing dilemma. You can always try one or multiple options and adjust as needed. Every dog is different, and you as your dog’s owner will be in the best position to determine what is working and what isn’t. No matter which option you choose, feel free to field any questions or concerns about Miniature Siberian Husky nutrition with Bree Normandin, or your vet.