How Picking Out Your New Miniature Husky Works

If you’ve joined the miniature husky wait list, you may be wondering how the process of picking out your new furry friend works. It’s a fairly simple and straightforward process.

First, you need to be logged in to view the available pups page.

(This page is only visible to members of the site who have paid an application fee. Available pups are not shown to the general public.)

A Look at the Miniature Husky Pup Reservation Process

Once you’re logged in you’ll be able to see the status of upcoming litters. If a litter of pups is currently available, you’ll see pictures of the available puppies on the available pups page.

Please note that we make announcements about new puppies via this site and Facebook. We do not send individual emails to members on the STANDARD WAIT LIST.

Once you see a pup you like, you email to express an interest in a particular pup.

The individual with the oldest reservation who expresses an interest in said pup will be the person who takes the pup, providing that person responds within the 24 hour time frame allotted.

Express Your Interest in a Miniature Siberian Husky Pup by Email

One of the things you need to remember throughout this process is that you can express interest in any pup no matter when you placed your reservation on the miniature siberian husky wait list. In fact, you are encouraged to do so since other parties with older reservations may wish to reserve a pup with different markings or it may not be the right time to pick out their pup. There is always a chance you could be able to reserve a particular pup even if your reservation is not that old….But you have to express interest in a pup to have the chance. However, keep in mind the pup is not considered reserved until final payment is made.

If you have any additional questions about reserving your miniature husky puppy, please feel free to contact me at Please note, once pup pics are placed on the site you will have 24 hours to express your interest in a puppy if you are on the standard wait list.



  1. Grace

    I think you mentioned that they will be listed at about 3 weeks old, so we may not know what eye color or coat (plush, woolly, etc.) they will have If I express interest and then when the eye color is confirmed to say, not be blue, then I can pass on the pup as there are others waiting for that one too, right? At what age do we have to confirm for sure? I know I want blue eyes but at 3 weeks that may be hard to know.

    • Bree Normandin

      We can’t hold puppies for eye color as eye color can change for up to one year after birth.

  2. Tammi Bitz

    Can we express interest in multiple puppies in a litter if we are not concerned about coat or eye color?

  3. Wait…. So I have to pay to reserve apupy, but since you go by oldest reservation first it could be that I don’t get a puppy from this litter or the next. Do you hold my money or do I get it back?

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