Introducing Your Miniature Husky Puppy to Your Kids

If you’re planning to purchase a Miniature Siberian Husky puppy and you have young children, you may be concerned about the initial introduction. Young children and puppies have a lot in common. They’re both curious and excitable. This is why it’s extremely important to closely supervise the first encounter between your new Miniature Siberian Husky puppy and your kids. Of course, this can be a little bit of work, but it is definitely worth it because the end rewards are truly wonderful. Your children and your pup will enjoy a close bond and your children will develop a lifelong love of dogs. You can follow these helpful hints to ensure that the first encounter between your pup and your kids is a positive one.

Always Remain Present in all Interactions

The most important thing to remember is that you should never ever leave young children and pups unsupervised. An excited child can accidentally drop a young puppy and cause serious injury to the dog. You don’t have to hover, but do watch over the interaction, and be ready to step in if needed.

Model Appropriate Behavior with Your Children

As the adult, it’s your responsibility to model how you want your children to interact with the puppy. Your children will be taking cues from you when it comes to handling the pup and caring for the puppy. It’s very important that you pay close attention to your interactions with your puppy so you don’t pass on any bad habits to your kids.

Allow Your Children to Help with Puppy Care

It’s absolutely wonderful for you to let your child help you with walking, training, and feeding the puppy. However, you should never leave the responsibilities for your child to accomplish alone. Expecting children and teens to be sole caregivers to a puppy is a setup for failure. Very few children are able to follow through with caring for a new Miniature Siberian Husky puppy.

Getting a new Miniature Siberian Husky puppy from MiniHuskies! is an exciting time for most families. It’s easy to get caught up in the situation and overlook planning for your puppy’s first interaction with your children. You can start preparing your children for the first meeting as soon as you get on the Miniature Siberian Husky wait list!