It’s That Time Again…We’ve Posted Pics of Available Miniature Siberian Huskies

If you haven’t taken a look at our available pups page, do make sure that you don’t miss out. Only members of our wait list can see the available pups, so you have to join our wait list in order to be eligible to pick out your pup.

For those of you who are on our wait list, when you see an available pup that you’re interested in, just shoot us an email at Of course, the oldest RESPONDING reservation takes precedent. However, anyone on the list can express their interest in an available pup.

If you have questions about the available pups, or you’re having issues logging in to see the pups, please contact me immediately. We can also be reached by phone at 828-595-4675.



  1. Christian Santiago

    Looking for a miniature Siberian husky, I am located in Illinois. Please get back at me. Really interested.

  2. u have such amazing huskies i really wanna buy one of u huskies the highest amount of money i can go is $300 short term i already 2 Siberian huskies full blooded i am looking for another Siberian husky because im trying to get a pack because there my favorite kind of dog. my 2 huskies that’s full blooded are very good dog and will love another friend i have 1 girl husky and 1 male husky my girl is fixed she cant have puppies im not planing on breeding them or anything but my friend wants to buy one of u huskies two everyday im gone check u website cause i wanna buy a husky from u i want a black and white one male or female does not matter if u don’t have black and white that’s fine ill take red & white or grey & white

  3. Jeannette Zandstra

    hello i was wounding how i can get on the list too get one of these beatiful mini huskies pups an how much do they go for.

  4. Roy

    I would like to inquire about a true minihuskie not an AKK. What is required to order one black and white / blues female with a black stripe down the nose? I realize the time frame can’t be set but What is realistic?


  5. Carlos González

    I signed on page today and pay $150.00, I am interested to be on the waiting list, I would also like Mandaran puppies currently available or who are from the months of February and March. Thank you

  6. Shawn

    I love huskys and my fiancé does not want me to get a full grown husky so I was looking into miniature huskies I don’t want to know the price range on them and where they can be found I live in Sacramento California and can’t say that I’ve seen them anywhere around here

  7. Judith Marquez

    I am interested in purchasing a miniature husky. Preferably a black one. If you could add me to your list so I can see available pups. Thanks.

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