Keep Your Miniature Siberian Husky Safe During Independence Day Celebrations

The fourth of July is an exciting day filled with fireworks and festivities. However, this fun-filled day can be a hazard for your Miniature Siberian Husky. Loud noises can cause your pet to panic and run off. This can lead to injuries or worse. Here are a few helpful hints to ensure your mini husky stays safe during all the excitement.

Keep Your Canine Companion Close

If your pooch is joining in on the fun, ensure his or her safety by making sure your pet is on a leash. All too often, sights and sounds associated with fireworks and festivities lead frightened pups to bolt off. Use a regular leash and not a dangerous retractable leash.

Use a Natural Calming Supplement like Melatonin

Melatonin is safe and has no adverse side effects. This supplement can help your pup nap or remain calm without having to resort to tranquilizers that can have some serious side effects. Your dog should be dosed with 1-4 mg depending on size. Ask your vet for a recommended dosage.

Try Using a Thundershirt

A thundershirt is a snug-fitting garment designed to provide additional comfort for pets during stressful situations. You can purchase thundershirts at a local pet store. Sometimes vets have them on hand for their patients.

The most important thing to remember is to make sure your puppy or dog is secured during the holiday festivities. If your dog escapes your control, your dog could be lost or hit by a car. It pays to use a leash or to keep your pet crated during 4th of July festivities.


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