Puppy escort service and delivery is available for an additional fee  (Pups are delivered in-cabin to nearest airport with a caregiver.)Pickups are welcomed and we are based in Western NC.






Here’s how it works: If you contact me to express your interest, please include your date of registration, your location, and if you’ll need pickup or delivery.

Please note that if you are on the list you can email me at minihuskies@gmail.com to express your interest in either puppy. It doesn’t matter if you registered yesterday. (Sometimes, people with older reservations pass or are on vacation and the time isn’t right; it always pays to speak up!) You have 24 hours to claim this puppy, oldest reservation takes precedence. We will be announcing via the site, and to Facebook to notify everyone on the list. If you want one of these pups, please let us know.

Please note pups will not be removed from available status until final payment is made. We will not hold pups.