We Just Added More Pups to the Available Pups Page!

Come on over and check out the three available pups we have on our available pups page.


  1. Irene stuehrenberg

    We are on wait list but unable to log on to see the new pups that are available, does not recognize emsil

  2. Mary B McGillycuddy

    I cannot see new pups – where am I supposed to go to see them? I have been on the list for a couple years.

  3. rebeccafilgate

    how much are you puppies (miniature husky)
    are mixture husky’s active
    are they afectionet at times
    how quickly are you miniature husky sold once being put uo for being sold
    how old are they when sold
    how small are they when being sold

  4. John faron

    Very interested in aminiaturesiberian husky, preferably red or brown in color. 8472871886

  5. Amy

    I am very interested in a Mini Husky which I’m sure many are. I would love more information about them!

  6. Judy pestritto

    We are looking for a female miniature husky if you have any can you give me price on them

  7. cassie wells

    please can u let me know if u have any puppies available would love one to join our family

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