1. Cara Damon

    I am extremely interested and excited to have found your website I have owned several standard size huskies decades ago. And have patintly waited for my 3 children to become older and to research for years the right puppy and breeder. I have been put through many scams which over the last few years broke oup hearts. Many of these scams coming out of Minnesota. I believe huskies are like people and our one of our own and have always been a lover of mine and my favorite dog. As I said I’ve waited patiently for the right time and to find the right breeder and situation for us. I have a home that is owned and a fenced yard and live in a peaceful neighborhood that is 5 minutes from the beach me I am 41 and gave three children 8 10 and 16. They all are animal lovers and we often volunteer to walk the dogs at a local no kill shelter and visit with the cats. I have been waiting to find the right minature husky for us . Looking for a stalky build and preferably a make and preferably gray and white or black and white with blue eyes and short muzzle and ears. If the grey and white would reduce our wait time I am d
    Definitely interested in caring for and loving a grey and white one. The only color I’m not as interested in is pure white. I have a loving home for one of your precious puppies to come home to and it would be the cared for and loved immensely as we have been wanting to get a minature husky for some time and I’ve waited for the perfect time and this puppy and eventually adult husky would be the apple in our eye we have waited for for so long. Treated as one of our own as one of the family as a child. I am a willing to give anyou information needed and am having trouble with your site and do not know where you are located or how you handle shipping as I worry about trauma to the puppy. If you could please call me at 843-819-2253 my name is cara and I would love to learn more about you your puppies and the process I must go through. I am willing to do what is necessary to obtain the right puppy for us. Teheran the and personality yes are important as well but I’m sure if you care about huskies as much as I they have all been given much love. Looking for a more laid back personality. Also really enjoy the marking with wHite patches and a bit of stripe on forehead could be larger or thinner. But grey or white if black and white us hard to obtain is very much a favorite look of mine. Thank you for your time and efforts and hope to hear from you soon

    Best regards

    Cara Damon

  2. Jesse Salazar

    Hi – I am inquiring to see what the wait is looking like for the pup that I reserved a couple months back?


  3. Michael Edwards

    I would like to go on the “pick of the litter” list and pay the fee, but there is a bit of a timing issue…I am looking to propose and would like to do have the puppy with me when I do as a Christmas gift…she’ll be so surprised and happy with the puppy that and then I will really surprise her with the ring.

    I do not know when the next litter is due, but I just wanted to inquire about it via telephone, if possible. The number is 201.230.9477.

    All the best,


  4. Latia Pierce-Lamar

    Hello, I am interested in joining the minihudkies wait list. I am aware that litters were expected in February and March and wanted to know when the next litters will be expected. We have been interested in this type a dog for awhile now and look forward to the new addition to our family. Thank you!

  5. Corrina Davis

    Hi! It’s been stated that you post puppies at 3 weeks and the new family expresses interest at that time and makes the full payment. But at what age do you actually wean a puppy from it’s mother? Is it at 8 weeks, then they are shipped out to the new family?

  6. shane Loster

    We would like to know how to get on the wait list?. Also want to know how the parents of the litters are? There demeanor and actI’ve level?

  7. Andre Cardoso

    Hi there, I’m just wondering the process and wait time of purchasing a minature husky?

  8. Judy Croghan


    My kids really wants a miniature husky. I was wondering where in North Carolina are you located at, if its drivable for us. We live in Maryland.

    Thank you Judy

  9. Diane Brewer

    I have done a great deal of research on the breed of dog I want to own and have decidedly wholeheartedly on a miniature Siberian Husky. I am a single mother of three with my last child graduating from highschool in May of 2017 so getting a puppy now would be ideal as I will have help when I am at work. I am an RN working nights. My plan is to pay the 150.00 next week but need a few questions answered. Realistically, if the deposit is paid before May 15th, about how long is the wait time and what is the cost of a puppy? I am very sure and excited about my new companion but just need these questions answered to ensure I can afford him and I will be able to give him all the necessary attention needed in the puppy stage to best train him to be happy and content with his new surroundings! Kind regards, Diane Brewer

  10. Kerinda. Paxman

    I’m looking for a female puppy but I can’t take one In till September but am willing to wait for As long as it takes I also just wanted to know what the pieces are for the adorable breed

  11. Im not able to take a puppy til after October of 2017. Trying to get my house back together and ready for a wonderful little puppy for my kids to play with.
    Thank you,
    Rick Long

  12. Kristin Cinglie

    I am interested in purchasing a mini husky. I would like to better understand the process before providing my information and application fee. Please contact me via email and let me know if it would be possible to set up a time to talk.

    Thank you,
    Kristin Cinglie

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